Leisure Spiritual Sojourn: At the Footsteps of Buddha (INR 6999 PP)

The ancient city of Shravasti, is an important landmark in the history of Buddhism and Jainism alike.
Legends have their say that the Buddha spent most of his monastic years here and you can still find places which remind of the strong Buddhist influence during that era. Home to several stupas like Anathapindika’s stupa, Angulimala’s stupa, Jain Tirthankara’s temple, Thai Temple and Stupa of Twin Miracle, Sravasti is still unexplored and that adds a unique charm to it.


Day 1

12 Noon: Arrive at Leisure Resort- Amid the most serene lush green farm fields, enter into the lap of luxury at Leisure Resort, Bahraich. Get a welcome drink and freshen up yourself for a memorable day.
2 PM: Get yourself treated with a sumptuous lunch comprising of choicest delicacies from the North India with a Mughal-Awadhi touch.
4 PM: Enjoy latest multimedia games* at the Gaming arcade or sharpen your cricketing skills at special cricket pitch with automatic bowling machine. Revisit your childhood by exploring a number of swings in the park.
6 PM: Loosen yourself a bit and dive into fresh water of serene swimming pool to have some fun time and witness the sun setting down from the horizon.
8 PM: Leisure time

Day 2

7 -19 AM: Enjoy a sumptuous-healthy breakfast at Spice-dine restaurant
9 AM: Leave for Katarniya Ghat for a day in forest
11:30 onwards: Arrive at Katarniya Ghat. Enjoy a jeep safari, travelling in the wild to look out for the most majestic animals in their local habitat.
6 PM: Head back from Katarniya Ghat
9 PM onwards: Enjoy a memorable five-course pool side, starry-sky dinner in a majestic setting and revive yourself from the days travel.

Day 3

Treat yourself to a fulfilling breakfast. Collect memories; get yourself clicked at different picturesque locations of the resort. Bon voyage, till we meet again!

Leisure Spiritual Sojourn: At the Footsteps of Buddha (INR 6999 PP)